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Limited searches

The selector allows you to limit the search to a specific time period, to a specific country (for county names and their two letter codes, we have used the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) http://www.iso.org/iso/english_country_names_and_code_elements . We have made one exception, replacing Libyan Arab Jamahiriya, with the more common name, Libya), a specific city, to BCE and CE dates, the date of the house or auditorium, and to the name of the theatre.

Access to entries on individual theatres ?~@~S information for tourists

The list of theatres is organized alphabetically by country, then by city within that country. Every entry on the master list includes the name of the theatre, country, city, region, date, and an indication of type. To get to the actual entry for a theatre, click View Details below the thumbnail image.

Access to entries on individual theatres ?~@~SVisitor Information

The first page of each entry contains the ?~@~\visitor information?~@~] designed to help those who want to visit the theatre. This section provides an overview of key information about the theatre, a brief description, information needed to locate and access the structure, and a list of theatre related sites nearby. Images of the theatre can be accessed by clicking the buttons along the bottom. This section also lets the reader know whether the entry has been reviewed by the editorial board.

Access to entries on individual theatres ?~@~S Scholarly Details

The ?~@~\scholarly details?~@~] section provides a consistent body of more detailed architectural information authored by a contributing scholar and edited by a review board of experts. This section contains a detailed history of renovations, alterations and redecorations and the names of those important to the architectural history of the theatre. It also includes technical data on the auditorium and stage. Photos, ground plans and a link to the location of this theatre in Google Earth are also provided. We do not provide links to other websites because those change too often, but we encourage you to use the theatres name and alternatives names to search for related materials.

Information for the preservation and restoration of historic theatres

Selecting the resources section at the top or bottom of a page will take you to the information being collected to assist those who want to preserve or renovate a historic theatre.

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